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Consultancy and Analysis

Fastlane Software offer a range of analytic services to assist in managing your organisations telecommunications costs and services.

  • Telecommunication Contract Analysis

    Ensure your organisation is receiving the charges, tariffs and discounts you are contracted to receive. If your organisation has tendered to receive discounted rates it is essential to ensure these rates are being delivered. It is not uncommon for specialist rates or discounts to be incorrectly implemented or not implemented at all.

    Our process is a combination of specialist software interrogation and high level manual analytics. Supplied with your electronic billing information and telecommunications contract we can readily inform you if you are receiving what you should be.

    We have identified millions of dollars worth of overcharging for individual clients, often spanning over many years.

  • Telecommunication Auditing

    Telecommunication billing is complicated stuff. Every now and then it’s worthwhile to have your accounts looked over by the professionals. We look for things such as:

    • Local, National, Mobile and International tariffs and charges are within the benchmarks for an organisation of your size;
    • Plans are optimized for data (mobile and landline) services;
    • Unused services;
    • Under utilized services;
    • Anomalous charges and excessive usage;
    • Calling profile, who are you calling, what patterns are apparent;

    Our focus in investigating your telecommunications bills is to provide you with professional analysis and expert solutions in reducing your costs. All existing carriers analyised : Telstra, Optus, Aapt, Pivotel, Global Star... etc.

  • Telecommunication Tender Evaluation

    If your organisation has gone out for tender for telecommunication carriage services, evaluating the responses requires intensive analysis. The responses from the different carriers are rarely directly compatible with each other, each will offer different tariffs, discounts or rebates depending on specific circumstances or conditions.

    The best and most accurate method of evaluating these responses to ensure the most appropriate offer is accepted is to model the responses against your actual billing history.

    We typically take 3 months worth of telecommunication billing data and effectively reconstruct the bill using the tender responses. On completion of this process we provide you with a report that details:

    • A breakdown of usage by call category eg Local Calls, National Calls, International Call, Calls to Mobiles, Mobile Calls etc;
    • A breakdown of service and equipment costs for voice, data and mobile services;
    • Direct comparison of current charges and each tender response against these categories;
    • The effect of any volume discounts as described in any tender response;
    • Call categories that haven’t been responded to, or the responder is incapable of delivering;

    On completion of the analysis you will have all the information you require to be able to make an informed decision as to which tender response to accept.


BillView Analysis

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