What is BillView

Billview is a monthly recurring, comprehensive online telecommunication asset management and bill reporting service that enables large organisations to manage all aspects of their telecommunications usage and expenditure - easily, efficiently and effectively.

BillView telecommunication reporting and expense management system provides multi-carrier integrated billing information in a single source web based facility. Carrier bills are effectively recompiled into a personalised, interactive and customer specific format.

All existing carriers can be incorporated into our reporting systems, including Optus, Aapt, Amcom, Vodfone, Pivotel, Three, GlobalStar, Nexium and others. Telstra being the dominant Australian carrier however, attracts particular emphasis.

BillView combines complex information processing with web based presentation to deliver an intuitive, flexible and accessible tool for inventory management, analysis and reporting of telecommunication services.

Inventory Management

How it Works

Taking your vendor provided billing information on a monthly basis the data is translated, standardised and recompiled into a series of billing specific relational databases.

The billing databases are coupled with your online inventory and cost centre structure creating an organisational representation of assets, activity and costs on a monthly basis. Accessible through a single source web based facility these databases are the foundation for an interactive, intuitive and feature rich reporting and management tool.

How it Works

Key Features

Benefits of Billview


  1. Allows for the consolidation of telecommunication accounts, instead of tens or hundreds of accounts you can manage a handful;

  2. Enables the streamlining and automation of oversight requirements and account payment processes. Staff are more effective and efficient;

  3. Online reporting allows management by exception, the information is collated and presented so that relevant information is directly accessible;

  4. Reporting and Analysis that helps in informed decision making


  1. Structured heirachy and online reporting allows overview of telecommunication costs and inventory from the whole organisation to each individual user;

  2. Once properly structured your asset inventory and telecommunication costs are effectively audited each month, anomolies are easily identifiable;

  3. End users and cost centre managers are made aware of their costs via online reporting and monthly emailed reports directly to their inbox;

  4. Validate inventory and flag alerts to underutilised products while keeping track of your products and services.


  1. Visibility, providing consolidated summaries for monitoring and planning purposes;

  2. All Hardware, Software, Cloud, Devices, Mobile, Fixed and Data costs in the one place;

  3. 12 month trend graphs across a wide variety of cost points and views;

  4. Targeted reporting allows management by exception;

  5. Enabling redirection of staff productivity from time consuming operational bill handling and checking to strategic planning and more effective management;


  1. Reduces internal administration overhead and can eliminate the expense of external consultants for auditing and review;

  2. Provides visibility and even alerts for inefficiently configured services and equipment;

  3. Visibility of individual product items and associated costs allows for identification of optimisation opportunities and accurate benchmarking.